Chemnitz, Deutschland
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Sensor Fusion Forum 2022

Our vision for the Sensor Fusion Forum 2022 is to create a unique one-day event for bringing together highly dedicated experts and practitioners in the field of sensor fusion. The goal is to create an ideal setting for this curated group of professionals to discuss current and future developments and challenges of sensor fusion for ADAS and automated driving.

You get a sense of the 2019 edition of the event here. „Great gathering of fusion community with open and interesting discussion“ was Christian Larsson’s (Einride) impression of the event.

This year we will take the Sensor Fusion Forum to our hometown, Chemnitz. The city has grown into a real hotspot for ADAS and automated driving. It is home to local companies like Intenta (CARIAD), FusionSystems, NAVENTIK, FDTech, BASELABS, and IAV, all active in this field.

The event emphasizes interactive formats such as moderated group discussions, extended Q&A sessions and workshops to facilitate learning effects, exchange and networking. An exceptional line-up of speakers will present their thoughts on sensor fusion, ADAS, and automated driving, providing a unique opportunity for in-depth discussions. To enable this, the Sensor Fusion Forum is based on the following principles:

  • The event is limited to a maximum of 50 participants.
  • The audience is intended to have a relevant background.
  • BASELABS reserves the right to select participants based on their practical experience and background in sensor fusion and perception.
  • The focus lies on knowledge building and sharing, with no sponsored content.
  • The topics are selected with an emphasis on technical depth.

We are already excited about the event and your participation.

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